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The Post is looking for new volunteers to be part of our Color Guard. With a Membership

of over 1200, it's a shame to not have more Volunteers. To see what we have done

in the past few years, look in the drop down menu , Color Guard Activities.

Contct Don Bruner if interested. 607-329-1351; dbruner@msn.com


   Rich Hipp             Dan Parker          Pete Poholik      Joe Bullock
   Rifle Team
Captain                                                 Buglar                   Commander



                                         Seargent at Arms      Rich Beck              Jack Wynne                                                                       

  Roger Studer                 Dave Bowermaster                                                       



    Don Bruner

    Rifle Team                    Bennie Bugg                     Bill Davis




     Bob Davies 

     Bag Pipes           Richard Braswell           Judy Pitts                      Ron Gavin

      Post Chaplin                   Frank Vesley           Dale Gillespie         Jack Thompson
      Francie Burns                                                                                  Bag Pipes

     George Hartman            Bob Kassela





No Picture:  Frank Vesley,Jack Wynne