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Color Guard Activities
11/11/18 Veterans Day activity at Post 274, participants: Don Bruner, Dave Bowermaster, Francie Burns, Benny Bugg,
Judy Pitts, Bob Kassela, George Hartman, Bill Davis, Rich Braswell, John Rini, Dale Gilespie, Ron Gavin, Gary Carlson,
Harriette Vanco, Guns & Hoses including our Post's Dan Parker, Jack Thompson. Thanks to Criag Stalder, Post's
Bartender, for setting up his amplifier system.
11/8/18 Breakfast for Veterans at the Lutheran Peace Church, McGregor Blvd. Participants, Don Bruner, Rich Hipp,
Bennie Bugg, Francie Burns, Dale Gilespie, Bob Kassela, Harriette Vanco, Guns & Hoses, including our Post's,
Dan Parker, Jack Thompson

6/30/18 The Liberty Ball, hosted by the Knights of Columbus was held at Our Lady of Light in Estero. Participants; Flag/rifle carriers, David Bowermaster, Benny Bugg, Rich Hipp, Judy Pitts, George Hartman, Frank Wynne, Bugler, Pete Poholik, POW Table, Roger Studer

5/28/18 Memorial Day Activities at the Post; participants, David Bowermaster, Dan Parker, Rich Hipp, Roger Studer,
Bennie Bugg, Francie Burns, Pete Poholik, George Hartman, Rich Braswell, John Rini, Ron Gavin, Judy Pitts, 
Bob Davies, Bill Davis, Guest Speaker, David Grossi
5/7/18 Honor Flight arriving at SWF Airport, participants; Guns and Hoses, Jack Thompson, Dan Parker,
Bob and Marilyn Davies; Color Guard Participants, Rich Hipp(wife Gerry), Bennie Bugg(wife Doris, Roger Studer
4/5/18 Memorial Service at the Post for US Army Vietnam Vet, E5, James D. Campbell Jr. Participants; Don Bruner,
Bennie Bugg, Dale Gilespie, Rich Beck, Rich Braswell, Francie Burns, Pete Poholic, Bob Davies
3/13/18 Memorial Service for Kevin Coldren, US Army Vietnam Vet. The service was held at American Outdoors, 
Participants: David Bowermaster, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Tommy Berryhill, Pete Poholic, Judy Pitts, Francie Burns.
3/10/18 Color Guard marched in the Ft Myers Beach Parade, participants: Commander Joe Bullock, Rich Hipp,
Bennie Bugg, Dale Gillespie, Judy Pitts, The Post gave out over 1500 American flags over the parade route, Aux Members, Diane Malec, Maryann Bruner, Robinn Jordan(driving Commanders Truck. Bridget Berkowitz, distributing Poppy's. See Pictures in the photo Gallery on drop down menu on left.
2/25/18 Celebration of Life, Memorial Service, for Korean US Army War Veteran, Bob Stevenson at the Posts Patriot
Room. Participants, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Judy Pitts, Francie Burns, Pete Poholic, Dan Parker, Jack Thompson, Dale
Gilespie. Bob was a life time member of the American Legion, May Bob RIP.
12/9/17 Arthur Ray Smith Memorial was held in the Patriot Room of Post 274. Ray was a Glider Pilot during WWII.
A long time resident of Ft Myers Beach area, and long time member of Post 274. Participants: Commander Joe Bullock,
Don Bruner, Dave Bowermaster, Rich Braswell, Judy Pitts, Ron Gavin, Bennie Bugg, Tommy Berryhill,
Pete Poholik, Francie Burns, Guns & Hoses Bag Piper, Jack Thompson. See pictures in the Photo Gallery!
12/5/17 The Commander and Color Guard welcomed American Legion National Vice Commander along with other National Officers, also, Commander of Florida and many oficers from District 13. Participants: Commander Joe Bullock, Past Commander, Roger Studer, Don Bruner, Bennie Bugg, Tommy Berryhill, Dave Bowermaster, Pete Poholik, Francie Burns,
Ron Gavin, Rich Braswell
11/11/17 Veterans Day Ceremony at Post 274. Participants: Don Bruner, Pete Poholic, Judy Pitts, Bob Penta,
Dave Bowermaster, Francie Burns, Ron Gavin, Rich Beck, Bob Davies, Tommy Berryhill, Bennie Bugg, Rich Hipp,
Rich Braswell, Commander Joe Bullock, Jerry Schenkel, Harriette Vanco, Rich Pollock, Sue Eaton. Music SH-Boom
11/10/17 Breakfast for Veterans at the Peace Lutheran Church; participants: Don Bruner, Francie Burns,
Bennie Bugg, Rich Hipp.
11/9/17 Keys to Progress Event, held at Caliber Collision in Bonita Springs. This event, sponcered by Progressive 
Insurance, gave a reconditioned car away to a needy Veteran. Progressive Insurance gave away 58 cars at 58 sites
across the USA. They have donated over 500 cars since the event started a few years ago. This year, a local Vet from 
Cape Coral, Vietnam Vet Seargent Randall Graves, USMC, received a 2013 Hyundia Sonata, totally reconditioned, 
plus much more. See pictures on Photo Gallery 
11/4/17 The Post welcomed in the Honor Flight at RSW. Participants; Color Guard, Ron Gavin, Francie Burns; Guns &
Hoses, Bob Davies, Marilyn Davies, Jack Thompson.
10/21/17 The Post welcomed in the Honor Flight at RSW, One of our own was on the flight, Don Foster and his wife,
Millie. Don was a Korean War Veteran. Color Guard participants, Don Bruner, Judy Pitts, Ron Gavin; Auxillary participants,
Pam Wynne, Doris Flamini, Tina Richards, Maryann Bruner, Millie Foster; Legionaire Members, Jack Wynne, Jerry Blain,
John Flamini, Carl Richards; Guns & Hoses participants, Legionaire Members, Bob Davies, Dan Parker, Jack Thompson; Auxillar Member, Marilyn Davies. It was an Honer for all of us to welcome in WWII and Korean War Verterns back from DC
on the Honor Flight. I encourage more of our Post members to participate in these events. 
9/22/17 Don Bruner represented Post 274 for Lt. Arthur "Ray" Smith at Barrington Terrace Assisted Living facility. The
Hospice Honor Guard was the lead Guard to Honor Ray, but, they did not know Rays history in the military or in our
community. Ray was a WWII glider Pilot, A long time member to Post 274, Moose Lodge 974, and the VFW. I, talked
about his Military service, his committment to the Ft. Myers Beach community for over 60 years, Ray is 97 years young,
born 1/22/2020. It was an Honor for me to represent Post 274 in Rays Honor. Many of Rays friends from the community were there to Honor him.
8/20/17 Memorial service for Lou Morehouse at Bonita Bills, Ft Myers Beach. Participants: Dave Bowermaster.
Assistant Seargent-At Arms, Flag Bearers, Rich Beck, Ron Gavin, Rich Braswell; Rifle Team, Rich Hipp,
Bennie Bugg, Tommy Berryhill; Taps, Pete Poholik.
6/24/17 The Liberty Ball, hosted by the Knights of Columbus, was held at Ascension Parish, Ft. Myers Beach,
honoring Veterans. Post 274 Color Guard was invited to participate and educate the attendees of the
meaning of the POW Table. Participants: Flag Bearers; Commander Roger Studer, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, 
Dick Braswell, Todd Wissinger, Frank Vesley; Rifle, Tommy Berryhill; POW Table, Dan Parker; Buglar, Pete
Poholik; Bag Pipes, Jack Thompson. A toast was made, "God has his Angels, We have our U.S. Military".
A few pictures can be viewed on the drop down menu, Photo Gallery, look for 2017 Liberty Ball.
6/11/17 A Memorial Service for, Bob Gleisle, who has held many positions on the Legion Board over many
years. Bob was well known, well liked, and known as a friend to fellow Legionaires. Bob will be missed
by all who knew him! May Bob RIP! Color Guard participants at Post 274 for the Memorial Service :
Commander Roger Studer, Dave Bowermaster, Gregg VanDusseldorp, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, John Rini,
Rich Beck, Tommy Berryhill, Judy Pitts, Pete Poholik, Ron Gavin, Dan Parker, Bob Davies.
5/29/17 Memorial Day Ceremony at the Post. Participants: Commander Roger Studer, Master of Ceremonies;
Dave Bowermaster, Acting Seargent-At Arms; Flag Bearers, Rich Beck, Todd Wissinger, Ron Gavin, Judy Pitts,
Dick Braswell; Rifle Team, Bennie Bugg, Rich Hipp, John Rini; Chaplain, Francie Burns; Raising of new Flag,
Tommy Berryhill, Rich Pollock; Bag Pipes, Bob Davies; Drummer, Dan Parker; Singer, Ron Balbonie;
Buglar, Pete Poholik
5/13/17 Honor Flight at SWF Airport Participants: Commander Roger Studer, Bennie Bugg, Rich Hipp, Ron Gavin,
Kevin MacCurtain, Judy Pitts, Don Bruner. Auxilary President Pam Wynne, Doris Flamini, Guns and Hoses drummer
Dan Parker. Pictures of the event are posted in the Photo Gallery 2017 May Honor Flight.
Commander Studer, Color Guard, Auxilary welcoming Lt. Ray Smith back from his flight.
Ray Is a long time member of Post274 and WWII Glider Pilot
4/6/17 Memorial Service for Clarice M. Workman (Bugsy), a WWII Army Veteran who served in Germany as a PFC.
The Memorial was held at the Post's Patriot Room. Participants: Don Bruner, Bennie Bugg, Dick Braswell, Frank
Vesley, Judy Pitts, Ron Gavin, Francie Burns, Pete Poholik.

4/5/17 Flag raising Ceremony at Lugana Lakes Developement, participants: Commander Roger Studer, Don Bruner, Rich Hipp, Judy Pitts, Francie Burns, Frank Vesley, Kevin MacCurtain, Ron Gavin,

3/18/17 Memorial Service/ Celebration of Life for Legion Member/WWII Pilot, Delbert W. Shobe. Participants:
Don Bruner, Bennie Bugg, Rich Beck, Ron Gavin, Pete Poholik.
3/11/17 Shrimp Festival Parade. Participants: Commander Roger Studer in Commanders Car, Rifle Don Bruner, Flag
bearers, Ron Gavin, Judy Pitts, John MacCurtain. Francie Burns
3/5/17 Memorial Service/Celebration of Life, was attended by Commander Roger Studer, 1st Vice Commander Rich
Hipp, Sergeant-At- Arms, Don Bruner. Larry was a 26 year member of Post 274, Army WWII Veteran, CEO of Ace
Hardware in 2 locations of Lee County. Ron, Larry's son, is an active member of Post 274's Sons of Legionaires, and
an active member of the Posts Color Guard. Post 274 gives their condolences to the entire Gavin family. May Larry
1/13/17 Memorial Service for WWII Vet Lt. Stanley Yost at Faith United Methodist on Mcgregor Blvd. Participants:
Commander Roger Studer, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Dick Braswell, Don Bruner, Tommy Berryhill, Dave Bowermaster.
12/9/16 Presented Colors (Flags) for the Homeless Veterans Summit open ceremony in Ft Myers. Participants:
Commander Roger Studer, Judy Pitts, Rich Hipp, Tommy Berryhill.
12/2/16 Memorial Service for Leo J. Smith at Our Lady of Light Catholic Community-Estero. Participants: Commander
Roger Studer, Rich Hipp.
11/30/16 Southewest Florida Public Service Academy, 143rd Law Enforcement Graduation Program- Ft Myers.
Participants: Commander Roger Studer, Rich Hipp.
11/28/16 Memorial Service for Edgar Housemeyer at St. Peters Lutheran Church in Ft. Myers Beach. Participants:
Don Bruner, Commander Roger Studer, Rich Hipp, Bennie Bugg, Tom Berryhill, Pete Poholik, Dan Parker, Bob Davies,
Dave Bowermaster.
11/15/16 Memorial service for Navy Vet Paul Schuman at Post 274 Patriot Room. Paul was also a past officer at the post.
Participants: Don Bruner, Dan Parker, Benny Bugg, Rich Beck, Judy Pitts, Tom Berryhill, Ron Gavin, Dave Bowermaster,
Pete Poholik
11/11/16 Memorial service for Korean War Vet Alfred Closson Jr. at the Memorial Gardens on Colonial Blvd. Participants:
Don Bruner, Rich Hipp, Benny Bugg, Tom Berryhill. 
11/11/16 Veteran's Day, Post 274 participants: Sergeant-At Arms-Don Bruner; Rifle team-Rich Hipp, Benny Bugg, 
John Rini; Flag Bearers-Dave Bowermaster, Rich Beck, Dick Braswell, Judy Pitts, Ron Gavin; Flag Raising-Bob Gleisle,
Tom Berryhill; Bag Pipes-Bob Davies; Drum-Dan Parker; Taps-Pete Poholik; Speeches-Commander-Roger Studer,
President of Auxiliary-Pam Wynne, Mike Adcock; Post Everlasting-Bob Penta.
11/10/16 Commander Roger Studer and Sergeant-At-Arms Don Bruner attended the Veterans Ceremony at Cape
Coral's Gulf Middle School, at their request. All of the 7th and 8th grade students either participated or were involved in the activities. Some of the students had 2 hats, the School has a Youth Squadron Air Corps and Honor Guard, raising flag, Pledge of Allegiance, Taps, many excellent speeches by faculty and students.
10/29/16 The Color Guard participated in presenting Colors for the Commencement Ceremony of the Heritage
Institute. Participants were: Commander, Roger Studer, Benny Bugg, and Don Bruner.
9/25/16 Memorial service for Army Vet Clifford Wayne Carroll at the Bayside Estates Clubhouse. Participants: Commander Roger Studer, Dave Bowermaster, Rich Hipp, Benny Bugg, Judy Pitts, Ron Gavin, Tom Berryhill, Dick Braswell, Dan Parker,
Rich Beck
6/25/16 The color guard was asked by the Knights of Columbus to provide Post 274's Color Guard for their 16th annual Liberty Ball held at St Columbkille Parish Hall. The participants were, Dan Parker, Roger Studer, Dick Braswell, Tommy Berryhill, Dave Bowermaster, Don Bruner, Benny Bugg, Pete Poholik, and Jack Thompson from Guns & Hoses. Post 274 has done this for many years. The Knights of Columbus is an organization that both supports our veterans and our Post.
5/30/16 Memorial Day Ceremony Activity at Post 274, see pictures under Photo Gallery, Memorial Day 2016. Participants, Commander Greg Vandusseldorp, Francie Burns, Post Chaplin, Color Guard-Don Bruner, Dave Bowermaster, Rich Beck, Roger Studer, Rich Hipp, Richard Braswell, Al Nasky, Judy Pitts, Ron Gavin, Tommy Berryhill, Bob Gleisle, Pete Poholic, Dan Parker, Bob Davies,  Aux. Speaker, Rosemary Mosher
4/30/16 Memorial Service for Navy, Cuban Blockade Veteran, Richard Nascimento in the Patriot Room at Post 274. Color Guard partipants: Roger Studer, Rich Braswell, Rich Hipp, David Bowermaster, Rich Beck, Ron Gavin, Pete Poholik, Jim Kirby, Tommy Berryhill, Al Nasky, Dan Parker, Don Bruner.
4/23/16  It was an Honor for all of us that went to welcome about 80 WWII and Korean War era Vets returning to the SWF  Airport from their Honor Flight from Washington, DC. Post 274 Color Guard members were, Roger Studer(1st Vice); Rich Hipp(3rd Vice); Bennie Bugg(Executive Committee); Don Bruner(Sgt-At-Arms); Post 274 Aux Members, Judy Pitts(President), Pam Wynn(V.P.), Linda Rose(Sec.), Doris Flamini(Hist.) 
4/3/16-Memorial Service for Seaman 3rd Class Carl James in Post 274 Patriot Room. Color Guard participants, Rich Beck, Bob Davies, Tommy Berryhill, Al Nasky, Rich Braswell, Pete Poholik, Don Bruner
3/12/16- Ft Myers Beach Shrimp Parade; Roger Studer carried the American Flag; Tommy Berryhill caried the Post 274 Legion Flag; Judy Pitts caried the Post 274 Auxillary Flag; Don Bruner carried a Rifle; Doris Flamini and Paulette Penta carried the Banner; Jerry Blain drove the truck with 3rd Vice Commander Rich Hipp waving to the crowd. It was a hot day and a 1.5 mile route. We honorably represented our American Legion Post 274!!
1/21/16--Benny Bugg, Dick Braswell, Don Bruner, Posted 3 flags, American, POW, and our American Legion Post 274 at the Memorial Service for Marine Cpl Thomas Jardas at the Cypress Lakes High School. Cpl Jardas died as a result of a helicopter crash in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii along with 11 other brave Marine troops. The candlelight vigil for Cpl Jardas was attended by over 250 family, friends and several military representatives.
11/11/15-- David Bowermaster, Don Bruner, Rich Beck, Tommy Berryhill, Judy Pitts, Ron Gavin, Pete Poholic, Bob Davies, Dick Braswell, Benny Bugg, Rich Hipp, Commander Gregg Vandusseldorp, Bob Penta, and John Rini, participated at Post 274's Veterans day ceremony. 
11/6/15--Roger Studer, Don Bruner, in Color Guard uniform, attended a Veterans Memorial Ceremony at Gulf Middle School, Cape Coral. Our Post 274 was asked to send 2 people as VIP's to this celebration. Many dignitaries were present. The whole school participated with their band, chorus, speaches by dignitaries, ROTC from a Cape Coral High School and their own Aviation Cadet Squadron. All the activities were directed to all veterans of every branch. What a humble experience for us to be included this event. I encurage everyone to go and be part of a wonderful fulfilling 1.5 hours next year at this school. All the children were exceptionally polite and thankful to our veterans!!

10/23/15--Don Bruner, David Bowermaster, Dan Parker, Bennie Begg, Rich Beck, Pete Poholic, Tommy Berryhill, Bob Davies, Memorial service for Lee Luenser at the FMB St. Peter Lutheran Church