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 In July, the following news article was placed in the News-Press

by our Post 274 1st Vice Commander.


Un-American to tear up Fouth flags

I am the 1st Vice Commander of American Legion Post 274, which placed more than 500 American flags along both sides of San Carlos Boulevard from Main Street to Buttonwood Drive (on San Carlos Island) to signify Independence Day and show our patriotisim.  When we went to pick them up after the holiday, there were at least 15 to 20 flags that had been ripped up, the sticks broken and thrown on the ground.  These acts were un-American.

                  Richard Hipp, Fort Myers Beach Area


On July 16, 2020 Post 274 received a letter from Gayle Bell of Fort Myers Beach.

Ms. Bell expressed the following in her letter:

"I was so sorry to read the article in the News-Press regarding the complete disregard and destruction of the Flags you and others so lovingly placed on San Carlos Blvd to honor the 4th of July Celebration."

"As a neighbor on San Carlos Island, it saddened me that we have people living amongst us with so much hate."

"Thank You for your service and dedication."

Ms. Bell enclosed a check with a generous amount for the Post in honor of her late husband Larry Everett Bell, a Vietnam Veteran.  Ms. Bell expressed the following in her letter:

"Hope this will help replenish your supply of flags,"