Melvin Cowart Post 274



The Melvin Cowart American Legion Post #274 recently acquired a rare gift and a deep mystery! A donated tapestry with the name,

‘Melvin Cowart Post #274!’

While the tapestry is home at the Cowart Post #274, the painter remains a mystery, as does the reason for its existence, or its journey prior to acquiring it. We would love to speak with anybody who has any knowledge of it. So far we have had no luck in figuring out who painted it, so we have a mystery on our hands!

The artist was most likely a GI who served in World War II, as there is something about the tapestry that screams, ‘Veteran!’ The tapestry hangs in the Cowart Post, because its namesake, Melvin Cowart. If anyone would like to see it for themselves, simply come to the Cowart Post and you are welcome to take a look. We would love to know its backstory and the journey it took before it came home to us, including the name of the artist, so stop over or give us a call at 239-463-6591. We appreciate the assistance of anyone who can help us solve this mystery!”