Melvin Cowart Post 274


The American Legion    Melvin Cowart Post 274

       MORTGAGE UPDATE FEB 21; 2023


        MORTGAGE UPDATE - JULY 15, 2022

Our previous request to pay off the remaining balance of our mortgage
remains a continued effort. By paying off our mortgage we can eliminate
other costly expenses such as insurance, thereby, allowing us to continue
to meet our mission to help our veterans and our community.  We have not
been able to meet our mission in the past year and a half.
We extend a huge thank you to those who have graciously and generously
donated funds to our fundraiser.  However, we are still falling short of meeting
our goals.

Our starting mortgage loan balance was $149,000.  To date, we have received
donations added to monthly payments totaling $95,792.  Our current mortgage balance is $53,208.
week, all donations received for the mortgage have been applied directly to the
principle.  Anyone who donates can be provided with a receipt showing your
donations are tax deductible.  Please consider donating to this very worthy
cause.  All donations, no matter the size, are deeply appreciated.
Please help us to continue to help veterans, families, and our community in need. 
Help us to help those who gave their all so we might enjoy the freedoms we enjoy
today. Freedom is not free.

For God and Country,

Joe Bullock, Post 274 Commander